And When It Snows

By the end of this snowy afternoon, we were all soaked, chilled, and exhausted, with sore faces from too much laughter and defrosting cheeks.

I had a camera filled with beauty (also filled with melting snow whoops), Nikki probably had numerous bruises from all of her falls, and the rest of us were just happy to be in a warm truck heading back home, blasting heat and country music in unison.

The day began with Nikki My Roommate (that is, in fact, her full name) and I waking up to a blanket of white, fluffy snow covering the campus outside our windows, with even more snow continuing to come down.

I think I actually jumped up and down for joy.

Classes were canceled, the world was sparkly and white, and it was a SNOW DAY.

It didn’t matter if we had any plans for the day, or that we had midterms the next. I was going to enjoy this snow no matter the cost. Nikki, Brooks, Hannah, and Marina apparently agreed, because they piled into the truck and together we drove through the snowstorm to the woods.

Never before had I walked these woods blanketed in snow. It was as if we had found a new world, and were exploring it for the first time.

It took much longer than usual to reach the end of the hike, thanks to my not being able to read trail markers and the numerous times Nikki almost fell flat on her face (kinda wish she had, that would have made a great photo).

For once, the beauty wasn’t only at the end of the hike, but all around at every step. The heavy snow clung to each branch, making the woods unnaturally bright and demanding attention at every fallen tree and hanging limb.

I don’t think we stopped laughing, falling, picking each other up, or giving piggy back rides the entire afternoon, while snowflakes continued to fall all around us.

I couldn’t help thinking about how blessed I was to be there, in that moment. If I never experience a snow day better than this one, I’d be okay with that.

I have been blessed with such an incredibly beautiful life with such beautiful friends, in every way. So I thought I’d share a glimpse of it with you.




Published by Carrie Durning

Senior at Patrick Henry College - Instagram @carriedurn

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